It can be a fascinating time for students to move into a new apartment. However, It’s important not to get ahead of yourself, though, and let that joy get the best of you.
An apartment can have many things wrong that students may not see with their naked eye. Examples are power outlet, pest infestation, appliances, etc.

Problems with pests, especially with bed bugs, are increasingly common in rental apartments. Students need to understand these insects are more than ever and know how to check for them in a new apartment.

The Rental Agreement

It may be the first time you’re reviewing a legal document, and it could be impossible to understand. Bulk up on commonly used term within the leasing agreement, and then read the contract carefully.

When you don’t understand something, inquire about it before signing the agreement. Ensure you check the areas about behavioural regulations and restrictions, the late rent policy, and what behaviours can lead to eviction.

If you don’t comply with anything in the contract, speak to the landlord or property manager. However, it’s OK to request improvements on the contract, but don’t expect to win any agreement.

Check For Bedbugs

Bedbug infestations are relatively easy to observe, but some dishonest property owners might still try to cover up an infestation rather than deal with insecticide or other more expensive extermination services.

When the apartment you are going to look at has a freshly painted, that might be a good sign, but it might also mean the property owner was trying to cover up bed bugs infestation. Once you seriously doubt a newly painted apartment could be hiding bedbugs, try checking the ceilings, baseboards joints, and the walls.

Suppose you notice each of these areas has been enclosed by caulk lately. In that case, there is a strong possibility that the apartment will be infested-and that the property owner has simply tried to cover up the bedbugs in the walls and hide any noticeable evidence.

How To Inspect The New Apartment For Bed Bugs

Things you’re going to need when checking for bed bugs:

  • An old credit card, but if you have a playing card, you can do this.
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver for the power outlet

When Inspecting, You Should Look Out For Four Different Things:

  1. Bedbug skins – these are growing bedbugs’ molten exoskeletons. The skins will be the overall size and shape of a live bedbug but white and almost transparent.
  2. The eggs – Bedbug eggs are white, tiny, and usually laid in large clusters, which should be very easy to notice.
  3. Mature bedbugs that are still alive- full-size male bedbugs are about an apple seed’s size and shape, and they have an oval shape with wingless bodies. In comparison, the females are much smaller, about a pinhead’s size. Usually, you will find tons of bedbugs in one place, as they tend to gather during the day in one main area.
  4. Their Feces – Bedbugs feed on blood, am sure you know that by now, the reason why their excrement usually takes the form of large patches and stains coloured with rust.

Areas For Inspection

Power Outlets

You will need a screwdriver (and a bit of technical knowledge or call someone who is technically educated to help you out) to check behind power outlets because these are the prime locations for bedbugs, so it’s worth checking out yourself.
Closets- check walls and wardrobe corners for signs of bedbugs.

Underneath Loose Wallpaper

Bedbugs can climb under loose wallpaper for an enclosure; if there are any wallpaper present, check beneath them.


Run your credit card below the baseboard gaps to see any signs of bedbugs. Make sure to use the flashlight because it can be difficult to not signs.

Furthermore, if you are not sure of what you are looking for, call your local pest bedbug exterminator to inspect your home.

Check For Phone Reception

Our mobile networks are more critical than ever in our lives, especially as a student. Students rely on it to communicate with friends and family, for a ton of different things from assignment to keep track of day-to-day tasks. Due to bad reception, you can barely use your phone in your new apartment, that is a big problem for you as a student.

Power Outlets And Electrical Work Check

This is another essential thing students use every day because they need a power outlet to work, charge their cell phones, computers, kitchen appliances, etc.

Test The Appliances

Just as you’d test other things in the apartment, it’s also good to try the appliances to know which is faulty.


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