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5 Offbeat Courses in the USA

5 Offbeat Courses in the USA 2
5 Offbeat Courses in the USA 1

The United States of America is a land full of opportunity and a dream study and work destination for many aspiring students. Given the number and variety of colleges, courses, and study options students have, the USA stands out as the first choice for many aspiring graduates. 

Among these courses and degrees, colleges in the USA also offer some very unique and offbeat courses for students. These courses are provided for students who wish to study something very niche and get into a field that does not necessarily require a common degree in Engineering/Business/Economics etc. 

Here are 5 offbeat courses in the USA that you can consider pursuing: 

Astrobiology at Florida Tech 

Florida Tech offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Astrobiology, which is the study of potential biological life on other planets. The search for life beyond Earth requires knowledge and understanding of exosolar environments and the nature of environments that can support biological life. Students who choose to study astrobiology can expect to work as scientists and researchers in labs, universities, or biotech industries. You can also work as a science journalist and write about your research in magazines or books, or if you are really good, you can even work as a researcher at NASA!

The degree covers topics such as planetary science, origins of life, biology, and extrasolar planets. Florida Tech offers resources and facilities for astrobiology students, like access to the Space Life Sciences Laboratory at NASA Kennedy Space Center, modern research labs and teaching labs, with state of the art instruments. This course is offered as a four-year bachelor degree, with an option for specialization in the future. 

The campus is also located on the Space Coast, due to the presence of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral.

Costume Technology at DePaul University

The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Costume Technology that prepares students to work in the costume industry. Students can gain practical knowledge and experience in the various verticals of costume design, like stitching, draping, wardrobe design and can work firsthand as craftspeople and shop assistants. Along with that, students can collaborate with designers and experienced costume craftsmen to understand patterns and construct costume designs.

The degree covers topics such as construction, costume management, tailoring, draping and textile handling. This is a four year long course, with portfolio presentations and exhibits at the end of the year. 

Comic Art at Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Minneapolis College of Art and Design provides a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Comic Art, where students can learn how to produce traditional and digital comic books, and learn how to create comic strips, books, and storytelling. As a Comic Art major, students can work in design studios, comic production companies, animation companies as comic artists, cartoonists, and storyboarders. 

The degree covers topics such as book publishing, drawing, colouring, storytelling. This is a four year long course, with presentations and exhibits at the end of the year. 

Fermentation Science at Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University in North Carolina provides a four year long Bachelor of Science degree in Fermentation Science to students who are interested in learning fermentation of food and beverages. A fermentation science student generally has a background in biochemistry. Appalachian State University provides on-campus labs for ​​recipe and product development, and operations and management. Students can work in breweries, restaurants, wineries and biotech companies. 

The degree covers topics such as biology, chemistry, fermentation science, mathematics, economics, and business. 

Foresight at The University of Houston 

The University of Houston provides a Master of Science degree in Foresight, which is the study of predicting what will happen in the future. The program can be completed full time in one year or part time in three to five years, after which you can expect to work in the field of forecasting and planning, for new businesses and companies. You can use the knowledge gained from this course to help clients anticipate changes and help make decisions that affect the long term goals of the company.

The degree covers topics such as futures research, world futures, introduction to foresight, systems thinking. This course is offered online with virtual classes. 

So, when you want to consider studying something offbeat and unique, to hone your skills and hobbies, USA offers several other courses like these, with post-study resources and options. 

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