I know you are excited; your application to a medical school was successful. Congratulations!

You must be aware that Medical schools are the busiest faculties in college. I would advise you to start your preparations early. — Depending on your situation, once you’ve met the oos acceptance rates for med school, you’ll need some fundamental tools to make your practices hassle-free.

Medical school supplies Include More Than You Think

Besides the list of essentials that your school asked you to buy, other must-have items will make your learning smooth and enjoyable.

Below are some 15 medical school supplies you need before you commence your studies; Remember they do not need to be used in class only.

A Laptop

If you have been keen enough, you must have noticed many college students have a laptop or an iPad. This tool is useful as it minimizes the number of books you have to carry.

The school computer labs are readily accessible, but not so convenient. Your laptop will come in handy when you feel like studying under a tree 

As a medical student, you will notice you require so many notes and books. Technology made things easier for you; be glad to belong to this generation. There are many E-books and resources available online for all your studies.

The cost should not worry you; a fancy laptop is not necessary. Get yourself one within your budget. Remember to invest in an external hard drive. You will be able to back up your notes, assignments, and essays. Make it a habit to back up your stuff. You sure don’t want to lose all your records one week to the end of semester exams, right?

Student Planner

As I mentioned earlier, medical school studies are time demanding. You might miss up on essential tasks if you do not plan early.

Keep records of all your schedules, due dates, and appointments (if there are any). Update your planner every time something comes up; if possible, every morning before you leave for class.  

If you do not like carrying books, you can have a digital planner on your laptop. I know you will be taking it everywhere you go. It is easier editing a digital planner than a paper planner that needs canceling and rewriting.

However, some people prefer paper planners. Choose whatever works for you and use it religiously.


Scrubs are a must-have in a medical school. You will wear a pair of scrubs to attend classes. Ensure you have several pairs in your closet.

Find out your school’s color and design requirements before any purchase. Also research how some designs are worn, just to make sure you will be comfortable in them.

Super soft scrubs are the best as they do not distract you when you need to concentrate on your experiments. 


As a student, you will need to carry a variety of stuff to class, lab, library, field study. A good quality backpack will enable you to take all your things with ease. I am sure you do not want to drop your laptop as you move around the campus, or misplace your highlighters. 

Backpacks are available in various designs and styles. Choose one that pleases you. Ensure the quality will last you throughout your college years. Table could not be displayed.

Citation Manuals

College assignments are different from what you did in high school. There are standardized styles for every kind of paper you take. While we have MLA and APA is the most common type of citation style, there are times you will be required to use other formatting styles.

First Aid Book

Many students make the mistake of omitting this book on their shopping list. It is as necessary as any other item.  

Before you get used to all first aid tips, you will need a reference. It is such a fulfilling feeling as a first-year medical student who helps their friends whenever they need first aid services.

This guide will help you figure out what you need to understand and keep for the board exams years later. Table setup not completed.

Stethoscope and its Accessories

Many medical schools will require you to have a stethoscope on your admission day. Omitting it does not mean it is not necessary, they know you understand every doctor needs one, after all, it is the signature item for most, if not all, doctors.

I would recommend you invest in a stethoscope that will give clear heartbeats. There are very good stethoscopes in the market that meet college requirements.

Knowing that a stethoscope is a must-have item, you need to store it appropriately. Storing by hanging is not always a good idea; you might knock it by accident. Therefore, a stethoscope case is a very vital item having it will prolong the life of your stethoscope,

You also need a stethoscope tag, just in case you misplace your stethoscope, it will be easier to locate it. To eliminate any instances of theft, you can have your name engraved on it. Table could not be displayed.

Blood Pressure Kit

Medical practitioners call it a sphygmomanometer. The name should not scare you; you will get used to it.

Do prior research before purchasing and get a good quality that will serve you throughout your medical school.

The first medical skill that you will learn is taking blood pressure. To ensure that you never forget, you will be tested on the skill every year until you graduate. It is also among the compulsory examinations every time a patient visits a doctor. Do you see how important it is for you to have this kit?

Make it a habit to test any willing subject during your leisure time or school holidays. I am sure your friends and family will be willing to take these free tests, who says no to free stuff?

Tendon Hammer

This medical tool is so useful in various forms of examinations including, lower limb examination, upper limb examination, clinical neurological examination, and any other kind of analysis involving nerves and tendons.

Some people may argue that you do not need to buy one, but it will save you on so much time by owning one. They are not readily available in hospital wards; you will therefore not waste time hassling for one when you need it.

You will find them in different designs and sizes. Invest in one that will fit in your backpack without adding so much weight. 

Questions and Review Book

There are plenty of questions and review books in the market. However, different people have different views about them. Some argue that medical students will use books as a substitute for any other source of information.  

Even though some students use these books as shortcuts, any disciplined student should have one; it comes in handy when you need to do some quick revision. 

The advantage of these books is that they familiarize you with the tests ahead of you. You will have an idea of how to handle various questions and situations.

However, you need to be careful not to miss out on important information from other sources. Do not make this book your sole source of information, no matter how detailed it may look.

Noise-canceling Headphones

As a freshman living in a campus hostel, you will have a roommate. They may not be medical students as you are. I should remind you that not everyone has consideration for others. When they take more demanding courses, they are likely to spend their free time playing loud music.

Noise-cancelling earphones will help you block any background noise when you need to study or take a nap.


While in medical school, you will realize that preparing food is a time-consuming task. As we all know, our bodies require well-balanced meals to function correctly. A crockpot is among the medical school supplies that you must have. Just stash some ingredients before you leave for class, in the evening, you will have some delicious homemade food.

a thermometer and pills/medical school supplies

These are not only meant to make your notebook colorful. They are useful in highlighting crucial information. Use different colors to highlight drugs, enzymes, diseases, medical tools, etc. 

Highlights help you understand your notes quite easily. It also makes revision easy and fun.

An Anatomy Atlas

Maybe your medical lab is filled with anatomy charts. Or perhaps a few copies of anatomy atlases are available in your school library. But nothing is more convenient than having your anatomy atlas. It may occur that you lose sleep in the middle of the night, but you do not want to check the notes.  An anatomy atlas can keep you busy before you catch the next episode of sleep.

Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

Marathon study days are so typical for medical students. You will need extra comfort during such times.

Invest in comfortable clothes and shoes. You will come to realize that jeans and shirts are only cute when you wear them on relaxed days. (I think this led to the invention of scrubs.)

You will spend long hours standing and walking around. High quality, comfortable shoes will serve you well. And save on money as you won’t wear out quickly.

There You Go!

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