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FMS Delhi 2013

FMS, short for Faculty of Management Studies, is an elite business management institute of Delhi University. It caters to MBA in Management Services (full-time), MBA (full-time/part-time), MBA in Healthcare Administration (part-time), Management Development courses and Doctoral programs. FMS 2011 entrance exam is conducted each year to invite applications from FMS 2011 aspirants. 

FMS Delhi conducts a separate examination on an all India basis for enrolling students. FMS 2011 entrance exam would be valid only for FMS Delhi 2011 admissions and not for any other institute. FMS Delhi is the first management school in India to offer management guidance to professional managers through its part time MBA program.

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FMS Delhi 2011 Test Format
Sections Section/Topics No of Questions
1 English Usage 35
2 Reading Comprehension 40
3 Analytical and Logical Reasoning 50
4 Quantitative Aptitude 50
Total   175

The duration of the FMS 2011 entrance examis 120 minutes. There could be minor variations in the pattern of the test.
FMS Delhi 2011 entrance exam selection procedure requires a mandatory score of more than 50% marks in every section. This is an important requirement  for a cnadidate to get a call for the next round. FMS Delhi 2011 batch selection is made on the basis of overall percentage of marks achieved by the students.

FMS Delhi 2011 Eligibility Criteria: MBA full-time
  • You should be at least 20 years of age as on 1st of October on the year of admission
  • You should hold a graduation degree with a minimum of -

                    Arts, Commerce or Social Sciences- 50%

Statistics or Mathematics - 60%
Medicine, Engineering or Technology- 60% / CGPA of at least 6.00 in a scale of 10.00
  • Alternatively, a Post Graduate Degree or a 2nd Degree examination after 10+2+3 scheme with a minimum of 60% marks would also make you eligible to give the FMS Delhi 2011 admission test.

If you are in your final year of graduation, then also you can apply for FMS 2011 admission procedure.

FMS delhi 2011 Eligibility Criteria: MBA part-time
  • You should hold a bachelor’s degree with at least 45 % marks
  • A minimum of 3 years of work experience as an administrator or an executive in a industrial, commercial or government organization after clearing the Bachelor’s Degree Examination is also essential
  • You should be sponsored by your present employer in order to be able to apply for FMS Delhi 2011 admissions.
FMS Delhi 2011 Number of seats
  • MBA (full-time) - 90 (including 10 for international students)
  • MBA (part-time)- 140
FMS Delhi 2011 Exam Tips & Strategies

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) conducts an entrance examination every year for enrolling students in its management programs. The process of clearing the examination can prove to be quiet difficult considering the fact that FMS Delhi is one of the most elite management schools in India.

Here are some of the tips which can prove to be beneficial while preparing for FMS Delhi 2011 entrance exam-

  • It is essential to start studying at least 3-4 months before the actual examination
  • Excellent time management skill will take you a long way. You should make sure that you prioritise the time to be spend on different topics. Start with the topics you find easier and have a better understanding of and then move on to the more difficult subjects
  • Be extremely clear about the topics/sections that will be covered so that you don’t end up wasting your time studying about subjects that won’t even be asked in the examination
  •  Don’t despair even if your English language skills are not sound. Instead, you should read a lot of newspapers, magazines and so on. Mark the words you find difficult and then check their meaning from the dictionary. Also, try to use those words in your daily speech to ensure that you don’t forget them
  • For the English section of the FMS test it would be a good idea to concentrate on fill-in-the-blanks, spelling errors, origin of words, analogies, phobias, synonyms and antonyms
  • Take FMS sample tests. This is extremely important for clearing FMS where speed is a criterion for passing the test. The best option would be to take the FMS sample test as if it were the actual FMS exam. Don’t take any breaks and maintain strict adherence to time limits. After completing the paper, analyse the paper thoroughly for identifying the mistakes that you have made in the paper. Avoid the same mistakes
  • For the Math section, a thorough revision of XII standard mathematics should suffice. If you are from a non-mathematics background, then you can consider studying from a good GRE/ GMAT book for Quant preparation
  •  You should also master the math formulae’s as there are number of questions in the FMS Delhi admission test which would require their direct application
  • You could also consider joining a renowned FMS coaching institute for improving your basics

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