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hello, Me a student of Bsc Bioinformatics. Is there any scope in my...

hello, Me a student of Bsc Bioinformatics. Is there any scope in my field????? After recession, is MBA still better choice than any other post graduation degree? Please guide me that in which field should i do my post graduation??
Asked by Preetkiran, over 5 years ago under India Science and Engineering


Career and job prospects in Bioinformatics:

The career prospects in Bioinformatics has been steadily increasing with more and more use of information technology in the field of molecular biology. Job prospects are in all sectors of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, in research institutions, hospital and industry.

Some of the specific career areas that fall within the scope of bioinformatics include Sequence assembly, Database design and maintenance, Sequence analysis, Proteomics (study of protein, particularly their structures and functions), Pharmacogenomics, Pharma-cology, Clinical pharmacologist, Informatics developer; Computational chemist, Bio-analytics and Analytics etc.

The work involved in the specific career areas are Drug design utilising 3-D structure modelling and computational chemistry (Cheminformatics), Comparing genetic data between and within species (Genomics), Genomic analysis in an attempt to find drug targets (Pharmacogenomics), Characterisation of proteins and their interactions (Proteomics), Prediction of the function of genes and proteins based on sequence and structural data etc.

One can find work in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies where bioinformatics technologies are applied throughout the drug discovery process. One can also take up teaching jobs in public institutions if you have a skill in teaching. Indian companies like Satyam, Wipro, TCS, Reliance etc and companies such as Silicon Genetics, Accelrys and IBM Life Sciences Pubgene, Tessella are recruiting bioinformatics candidates, because it has made a substantial new market for IT infrastructure.

MBA with graduation in Bioinformatics can be a good choice for professional career. Many business positions require an MBA for advancement.

Students looking for career in research, education in field of Bioinformatics should take up post graduation in Bioinformatics. If looking for management positions in companies should pursue MBA.

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Deepti_counsellor Response by S. India
StudyPlaces Counsellor
over 5 years ago