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what qualification is necessary to become a pilot....

what qualification is necessary to become a pilot....
Asked by shobana priya, almost 6 years ago under New Career Options Pilot Training


India CPL

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL): This is issued only after the authorities are fully satisfied with the competence of the candidate. In-depth knowledge of four specific subject areas and 250 hours of flying, including 150 hours solo, 25 hours cross-country, 10 hours instrument flying and five hours night flying, are essential.
Medical fitness has to be certified either at the Air Force Central Medical Establishment, Subroto Park, New Delhi, or the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Vimanpura, Bangalore.
Subject knowledge is assessed through a written test held at the metros three times a year.
Passing rigorous flying tests is vital. The minimum age for certification is 18 years.
The candidate should have procured the certificate of proficiency issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, and must have a Radio Telephoning Receiver qualification.
Total training of three to five years would be required to make you a commercial pilot.
CPL holders have to undergo medical inspection every 12 months and PPL holders every 24 months. A CPL is valid for five years and PPL for 10 years. Thereafter, the licences have to be renewed.
The cost of training per hour for each type of aircraft has been fixed by the DGCA. The total expenses to become a commercial pilot may come to Rs. 10 lakhs or more. To be a professional airline pilot, we should have at least 10 hours of multi-engine rating. The total expenses for this would be around Rs. 15 lakhs.

To obtain a commercial pilot licence (CPL) one should undergo these examinations

1. Air Regulation
2. Aviation Meteorology
3. Air Navigation
4. Technical
5. Planning
6. Communications in the form of Radio and wireless transmission

To join a flying club or a flying school one should complete these requirements in India

Pass in 10+12/Diploma/PD.C/G.C.E. 'A' Level (or equivalent) with credit in maths and physics

Eyesight must be 6/6 is mandatory

Age should be 17 (completed)

Check this link for more information on India Education.
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