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sir i want to crack MAT. please suggest me the best books from which i can...

sir i want to crack MAT. please suggest me the best books from which i can prepare for MAT.Also please tell how to preprare for MAT.
Asked by dheerajkarat, almost 6 years ago under India MBA


The following are some recommended books for the preparation for MAT entrance examination. These books are at par with international standards and mastering this will surely rank you top the merit.
501 Word Analogy Questions
Master the MAT
MAT Secrets
Princeton Review
Tips and Strategies
The paper is objective with multiple choice questions. You will have to be quick and alert to score high in the paper. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks to prepare for MAT:

Time is of utmost importance in MAT. It is advisable to stick to the time schedule given below to finish the paper on time:
30 minutes for English section that assesses verbal ability and language comprehension,
40 minutes for Mathematics where quantitative aptitude is evaluated,
35 minutes for Data Interpretation that judges the candidate's data analysis skills and understanding of data sufficiency,
30 minutes for Reasoning Ability, where intelligence of a candidate is judges along with his or her critical reasoning skills, and
15 minutes for General Awareness section, where candidate's knowledge of Indian and global environment, especially of contemporary issues, are judged.
Each section has 40 questions.
Though similar to CAT in its structure, MAT is easier compared to it. Its pattern is more predictable and unlike CAT (which emphasizes on application of knowledge), MAT is based on knowledge itself. Thus, students who are good in memorizing formulae and standard set of questions and answers, often grab high scores on this test.
Thorough practice of sample MAT tests available from a variety of sources such as book, CDs and online, can prepare you well for the real examination. Achieving 85 to 90 per cent scores in a MAT exam can be considered a good attempt.
For English section, grammar is very important and question-types include analogies, synonyms and antonyms, match the list, idioms, one word for many and fill in the blanks.
Though not all institutions accept MAT scores in General Awareness, you still need to prepare for it. Reading newspapers is the best way to keep yourself abreast of the current affairs and developments in India and world in general.
For Language Comprehension, two strategies are commonly used:
Reading the passage and attempting to solve the answers, or
Have a look at the questions and then read the passage, so that you know what to look for.
Decide your own strategy, depending on your inclination, comprehension skills, personal aptitude and difficulty-level of the passage.

Having formulae on your fingertips, being strong in mental calculations and developing your own short cuts will prove very useful to score speedily in Mathematical and Data Interpretation sections.
Reasoning section requires thorough practice of all types of questions. Since there are no fixed formulae to tackle them, the scores depend on how much you are familiar with myriad of questioning patterns.

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Deepti_counsellor Response by S. India
StudyPlaces Counsellor
almost 6 years ago