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I am doing B.Sc Biotechnology. I want to know what should I do after it...

I am doing B.Sc Biotechnology. I want to know what should I do after it either M.Sc. Biotechnology or MBA and why?Is there any scope of doing MBa only after B.Sc? what is MBA Biotech and it'e scope?
Asked by chanchal malik, almost 6 years ago under India


The choice of stream is depends upon your choice and interest and future career plans, If you want to go in the Research field then you should cholle the M.SC in Biotechnology, But if you want to go in the mangement realted jobs then you should go for the MBA course.
Biotechnology is one of the developing technologies and the need for biotechnology student is also high. Of course u can try for the other career prospects like MBA-Biotechnology. MBA-Biotech has bright prospects. It is a 2-year programme in management. Only science stream graduates/ those in their final year of graduation can only apply for this course. This course gives equal emphasis to both Biotechnology and management. In India, University of une(PUMBA), Amity Institute at Noida are the preferred institutes for this course.
After MBA-Biotech, you can join Bio-pharma companies, Pharma companies, Biotech companies, Foods companies, Bioinformatics sector, Agri-companies, etc.

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Deepti_counsellor Response by S. India
StudyPlaces Counsellor
almost 6 years ago