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how 2 prepare for aieee

how 2 prepare for aieee
Asked by Neelam Nath, over 6 years ago under Coaching for Entrance Exams


AIEEE is not difficult. However, its questions do have a need of being tackled with different tactics and perspectives.
Each question is different in its own way with an element of surprise in it. Candidates who know how and what to look for in a question are likely to score high in the test.
Since the most questions are basically designed to evaluate the conceptual clarity of the candidates and application of fundamental concepts, you should be focused on mastering all the fundamentals well.
You need to attain minimum qualifying scores in subject. Thus, focusing on one subject and ignoring the other may land you in a hot soup. So, divide your time among the subjects more equitably.
Focus on solving the problems on your own, while preparing for the exam. Here is a step-by-step guide outlining the ideal process for solving a problem:
Try conventional methods first.
If they don't work out, try to understand the problem again and find clues that can lead you to solution.
Go through the concepts related to the problem once again and see how they can be applied to the problem in hand.
Try to relate the problem to real-life situations. It will help you to analyze it better.
Consult the solution, only when you have exhausted your limits. See, what you had missed earlier.
Practice similar problems.
Devise your own shortcuts and ways to tackle particular kind of problems.
In AIEEE, both speed and strike rate matter. You need to be quick and accurate to achieve high scores. High speed with less accuracy can actually ruin your results.
Never use calculator while preparing for the AIEEE exam. Being adept in mental calculations can actually increase your speed to a great extent.
Select your questions wisely. About 25% questions in the examinations paper are easy, 60% are average and 25% are difficult. Attempt easy questions first.
The cut-off for AIEEE examination is generally around 60 to 70%. So, if you just solve easy and average questions correctly, you can easily get through. Once you have exhausted these questions, you may attempt difficult ones to make merit.
If you indicate more than one answer for a particular question, it will be considered as an incorrect response and you will lose marks on it.
Once you are done with the questions you know well, apply the method of intelligent guessing and elimination for questions you are not sure about.
Since you only need to choose one of the four given options, your chances of choosing a correct answer is 25%.
If you eliminate one incorrect answer, your chances improve to 33%. If you are able to strike out one more option, your chances of choosing the correct answer will be as high as 50%.
Since you will be penalized for incorrect responses, do not resort to wild guesswork. It is better to leave the question you have no idea about, as you do not lose marks on questions you do not attempt.
Deepti_counsellor Response by Studyplaces
StudyPlaces Counsellor
over 6 years ago