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(1)what is diffrence between pharma-d and m-pharm ? (2)is pharmacy is better...

(1)what is diffrence between pharma-d and m-pharm ? (2)is pharmacy is better than b.a.m.s ? (3)what are the scope after pharma-d or m-pharm in india ? (4)
Asked by Anonymous, about 5 years ago under India


While M. Pharm is industry oriented, Pharm D offers jobs in clinical industry. Pharm D is relatively new. Moreover students aspiring to go in for further studies abroad could choose Pharm D as it would offer continuous six-year study, which is mandatory in foreign countries like the US.

In our opinion you can find equally good career prospects in Pharmacy as well as B.A.M.S, however no of jobs in pharmacy sector is lot more in comparison to B.A.M.S graduates.

Scope of Pharma D in India:

As if now scope of Pharm D in India is not very clear. This program is mainly launched in India for the students who wants to work as a Pharmacist in USA. Pharma graduates of India could not get lucrative jobs abroad for the simple reason that Pharma education in India was not on par with the international standards. Essentially, pharma graduates from India were unfit to take up jobs as clinical pharmacists, where a pharmacist would educate the patient about the prescribed drugs. After completing Pharma-d these students can find more job opportunities abroad. Those who completed the Pharm. D course can seek employment abroad in community pharmacy after clearing NAPLEX (National Association of Pharmacists License Exam) or FPGEE (Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalent Exam).

Scope of M.Pharma in India:

With M.Pharma degree can work as R&D dpartment ,production & manufacturing,analysis & testing of various formulation and also as an lecturer in pharmacy college.

For information regarding colleges and courses for studying Pharmacy, Clck here
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about 5 years ago