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What scope do i have after completing maths honours.??? Will M.B.A. be...

What scope do i have after completing maths honours.??? Will M.B.A. be useful after maths honours?
Asked by Ashish, about 5 years ago under India Science and Engineering


Dear Ashish,

Advisable to pursue MBA with certain year of experience you can try for some different courses. For those who are looking to use their mathematical knowledge in the workplace, options are many and varied, with the most popular areas being the actuarial profession, the financial sector, IT, computer programming and systems administration. There are also countless opportunities within business and indusrty where employers will need mathematicians for research and development, statistical analysis, even marketing and sales.
The public sector, the government and the Civil Service should also not be overlooked as potential employers. While maths graduates will almost certainly find opportunities for better paid employment outside the public sector, the good job security and generous pensions packages offered here will certainly attract many graduates.

Teaching is another area where maths graduates will find plenty of opportunity for good employment. There is currently a lack of maths teachers in schools, and this has led the government to offer excellent start-up packages and ongoing incentives for those considering teaching maths. Also, the recently published Smith Inquiry into Post-14 Mathematics Education made several recommendations, including the possibility of paying maths teachers at a higher rate than those teaching other subjects.

Finally, of course, there is always the option to stay within academia and work towards a Masters of PhD. This could be as a prelude to looking for a research post or lectureship, or simply as a means to enter employment at a higher level than graduate. In fact, it is becoming more and more common for employers—especially in the more complex areas of financial and statistical modelling—to look only for people with postgraduate degrees. This is definitely something to consider if you intend to follow this type of career path in India or abroad
Deepti_counsellor Response by Studyplaces
StudyPlaces Counsellor
about 5 years ago