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Sir I want to do MBBS from abroad at low cost but reputed college because in...

Sir I want to do MBBS from abroad at low cost but reputed college because in India medical colleges are very expensive and entrance exams are too tough so please guide me and help me. I am very much confused in two colleges i.e. YSMU (Armenia) and IFNMU (Ukraine), in these colleges which is the best and why? Please guide me sir. THANKS !
Asked by K. Choudhary, over 3 years ago under College Admission


Hello K. Choudhary,

Contrary to your statement, the medical education in India is much economical in comparison to several locations like US, UK, Canada etc. You must also understand that the eligibility criteria, application procedure vary in every location and hence I would recommend if you have a particular location in your mind do get back to us and we shall guide you on the same.
Russia, as such is known for the quality of the medical education offered and the specified universities are worth considering as well. A brief note on the same should guide you further :

Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), Armenia is one of the medical schools often preferred by the Indian students. The university offers a graduate program of 6 years and 24 post graduate courses. The degree has international recognition and as per the information available, many graduates are working successfully in various prestigious hospitals in India, UK, USA and European countries. Now with regard to the eligibility criteria you need to take the test that is conducted by the Vice-Rector, Head of the International Relations Department of YSMU in New Delhi. The dates of the test should be confirmed from the authorized representative of the University.

Also, according to new 'The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act', students willing to obtain a medical degree from foreign country must obtain an 'Eligibility Certificate' from the Medical Council of India, Delhi.

On the other hand, Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University (IFNMU) is a 'National Medical University' and is ranked in the Top Five Medical Universities in Ukraine. follows the 'European Credit Transfer Scheme' of Education or ECTS which means that the degree is of similar quality and be transferred to any of the 41 European Counties who are following ECTS. Also, the expense seems affordable.

Kindly get back with more elaboration on your profile in terms of the intended degree and choice of the university so that we can get back with specific information with regard to eligibility criteria, admission procedure, financial considerations etc.

Take care!
Deepti_counsellor Response by T. Jain
StudyPlaces Counsellor
over 3 years ago