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Hello sir...i am a graduate with MBA(Marketing & IB) from Amity...

Hello sir...i am a graduate with MBA(Marketing & IB) from Amity University...working with a company on a very low pay...and also not satisfied with the job responsibilities...currently working as business development executive....kindly suggest me some ways to add more value to my job profile.
Asked by A. Mishra, over 3 years ago under India Employment Training



An MBA in Marketing and International Business should take open the doors of success and options that she/he can consider.

Once you gain substantial work experience you should be able to take a challenging role on business operations and give a efficient and effective solution that would help the organization to achieve the best solution in business which would increase its productivity in market.

Many a times candidates expect wonders immediately after having earned the MBA degree that is believed to enhance the profile. Do not rush for a huge pay scale but opt to work where you can apply and prove the skills earned during the Management program. Once you prove your worth the company is likely to give you better work profile, or you may even consider to apply to other universities.

I would suggest not to blindly go by the package but give a though to your own potentials and judge if you are apt for the work profile and vice versa. Try and consider profiles that give you a chance to apply marketing techniques on various business processes and analyze the marketing strategies to meet the needs of firms operating in the nation and at international level.

I hope the above stated gives you a new direction to carry your career dreams.

Good luck!
Deepti_counsellor Response by T. Jain
StudyPlaces Counsellor
over 3 years ago