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what is the scope of mba in shipping and logistics management...

what is the scope of mba in shipping and logistics management through......distance education i.e through correspn? scope of mba in shipping and logistics management through distance education i.e. thourgh correspondance. university : tamil nadu open university. will i be able to get the same weigtage as a regular student or the distance education is inferior. where shall i look for jobs on the completion of course. is this course is good otherwise suggest me some other courses .
Asked by Studyplaces, almost 7 years ago


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On successful completion of this unique sector-specific MANAGEMENT programme, designed to impart knowledge of General Management, Information Technology, with specialization in Shipping and Port Management, candidates will be eligible to occupy Managerial positions in Shipping Companies, in Agency Houses, Clearing and Forwarding (C&F) Firms, Export/Import Houses, large manufacturing and trading concerns, related Government Departments and undertakings and in Major Ports worldwide.