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University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 3BX
United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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University of Liverpool

Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Course: Business Finance and Management MBA.

This 12-month programme consists of seven taught compulsory modules including Research Skills for Management and four elective modules, followed by a research project carried out over the summer period upon completion of semester 2.The aim of this MBA programme is to combine professional skill development with a critical awareness of the issues involved in leading and managing complex organisations, with a particular emphasis on business finance skills. The programme consists of three key elements. Element one consists of a grounding in the core disciplines which are essential to management. The second element consists of specialised instruction in business finance, also by means of taught courses. The third element consists of a project or dissertation comprising an independent piece of research which is seen as providing the mechanism to link the first two elements. The dissertation should thus represent an expression of knowledge of management problems concerned with business finance. The objectives of the programme are: to enable students to develop and enhance awareness of the role of business in society; to develop expertise in the management of business finance; to encourage managers to become reflective professionals; and to create the knowledge-base from which further study and skill-acquisition can be achieved.

Subject MBA - General and Others
Level Masters
Medium Campus