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NEHM of India

C2C/123 Pocket 12
Janakpuri New Delhi 110085.


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NEHM of India

New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Course: Electro Homeopathy

The Electropathy system is the most natural and scientific method of treatment which enables to restore the health of the patient quickly, gently and permanently. The Electropathy remedies are prepared by scientific process called Cohobation Method which was introduced by Dr. Theophrastus Von Hoheneim in which the living energies of the plants in the form of essences obtained from medicinal plants. These remedies have maximum curative capacity to regulate the lymph and blood and also to keep them purified.

It is based upon -COMPLEXA- COMPLEXIS - CURANTUR, Which means a complex system is curable through complex integration of plant medicines. Further law of polarity, which is based on concept of positive and negative charges of each body cell and imbalance among them as root cause of physiological disorder.

Subject Pharmacy and Medicine
Level Diploma
Medium Campus