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Hindustan College Of Engineering (H.C.E)

Hindustan College of Engineering
Campus : Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Padur, Kelambakkam - 603 103.


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Hindustan College Of Engineering (H.C.E)

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Course: B.E. Aeronautical Engineering

The course curriculum of Aeronautical Engineering conducted at HCE consists of the maintenance as well as design aspect of present day Aviation and Aerospace Engineering Requirements. The candidate who completes the course successfully can find employment in various Airlines in India and abroad. He can join the defense service, Airports Authority of India Ltd., Aeronautical Development Agency, Indian Space Research Organisation, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. etc. as a Research Engineer, Maintenance Engineer or various other competent posts. Duration of the course is 4 years. The curriculum is as follows:

  • Semester - I
    Engineering Mechanics
    Language Elective I
    Mathematics I
    Physics I
  • Semester - II
    Elective (Engineering)
    Electronics Engineering
    Chemistry – II
    Language Elective II
    Mathematics II
    Physics II
  • Semester - III
    Elements of Production Techniques
    Engineering Thermodynamics
    Solid Mechanics
    Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
    Chemistry – II
    Mathematics III
  • Semester - IV
    Aerodynamics I
    Aircraft Systems and Instruments
    Control Engineering
    Engineering Materials
    Mechanics of Machines
    Numerical Methods
  • Semester - V
    Aircraft General Engg. & Maint. Practices
    Aircraft Performance
    Aircraft Structures I
    Propulsion I
    Aerodynamics II
    Aircraft Rules and Regulations CAR II
  • Semester - VI
    Aircraft Stability and Control
    Aircraft Engine and Maintenance System
    Air Frame Maintenance and Repair Practices
    Experimental Stress Analysis
    Aircraft Structures II
  • Semester - VII
    Air Transportation and Aircraft
    Maintenance Management
    Management Sciences
    Rockets and Missiles
    Principles of Environmental Science and Engineering
    Professional Ethics
  • Semester - VIII
    Total Quality Management
    Elective VIII
    Elective XI
Subject Aeronautical Engineering
Level Bachelors
Medium Campus