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Mahavir Jain’s Academy


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Mahavir Jain’s Academy

New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Course: Memorize Barron’s 3500 words in few hrs Coaching

Institute offers course to memorize the meanings of entire Barron’s with pronunciation in few hrs. This is done by the help of Visual Tools and effects. This learning technique is developed by Mahavir Jain-the founder whose name is registered in LIMCA BOOK of WORLD RECORDS for memorizing 80000 words. His believe towards opting this technique was that once a student visualizes, the word gets strongly imprinted in the sub-conscious mind and remain in the memory bank for a very long time. So entire course of Barron’s and other important words is designed and explained with the help of illustration, animation, cartoons.

Subject GRE
Level Bachelors
Medium Campus