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Toonz Academy

New Delhi Center:
L-37, 2nd Floor,
Lajpat Nagar 2,
New Delhi, 110024


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Toonz Academy

New Delhi, New Delhi, India


Art of Maya is a preamble or introduction to 3D Computer Graphics. It enables an artist with all the tools and features required to create animation and Visual effects on the computer. During this course at TOONZ a student learns to how to build and manipulate geometry, skeleton joints, deformers, particles, shading groups, lights and cameras. This course gives an introduction to Animation Production and takes till one learns dynamics of rigid body/soft body. This is a 4 months duration course.

Month 1

- Intro to 3d Animation Production Pipeline.
- Understanding Maya Workspace.
- Digital Sets & Backgrounds.
- Character Modeling.
- Uv Layout.

Month 2

- Texturing and Shading.
- Organic Character Texturing.
- Rigging and Weight Mapping.

Month 3

- Staging
- Character Animation Principles.
- CG Character Animation.
- Lighting.

Month 4

- Particles Efx.
- Soft body /Rigid body dynamics.
- Compositing Using Combustion
- Rendering.

Subject Animation and Graphics
Level Bachelors
Medium Campus