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List of Universities in UK for post graduation studies [MSc/MBA any]

I am a B.E.mechanical engineer from Mumbai university-INDIA and i want to pursue for my further studies in UK for post graduation [MSc (preferably) /MBA]. Being from a technical background i would preferably go for MSc coz MBA will be a totally different sector but i am good in MATHS. So i need a specialized area/course where i can do well in my career and it would be useful for the future scope. i hate designing and programming and very inquisitive about technical things and good in problem solving. I've listed following courses that would me helpful for building my future and suggest me which one to opt for my career or if know any kindly recommend me. 1.MSc Mechanical Engineering 2.Msc Engine Design and Development 3.MSc Engineering & Management 4.Msc Business Management 5.MBA Engg Management 6.MBA Oil & Gas Management 7.Msc Manufacturing Systems Engineering 8.Msc in Enterprise Management. My area of interest is in Aeronautical stuff,Refrigeration and Air conditioning stuff.
Asked by S. DIXIT, about 3 years ago under United Kingdom Science and Engineering



Since you seem to have an inclination for the technical aspects, an MBA or Management related programs are definitely not your cup of tea!

Now with regard to the other specified degree, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering seems an absolute continuity to your academic background. A Masters in Engine Design and Development is specifically for the aspirants who wish to develop professional and technical competence in the vehicle engine design and performance subject area. A masters Manufacturing Systems Engineering program on the other hand generally emphasizes the interrelationships between manufacturing equipment, processes and controls, and their integration into production factories and is hence again a step towards the management arena.

A typical variation is the Masters in Engineering Management is worth considering since it enhances one's managerial, functional and analytical skills, enabling them to handle mechanical, industrial, and human functional processes better, alongside achieving commercial goals. Though again a management oriented degree, it is generally pursued by professionals in the field of engineering interested in widening their breadth of knowledge beyond their specific technical field into management and business.

Assessing your interests I feel a Masters in Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing Systems Engineering should suit your profile.

Good luck!
Deepti_counsellor Response by T. Jain
StudyPlaces Counsellor
about 3 years ago


Thank you sir for your concerness towards building up my career but I believe in clarifying my doubts right now so that I shouldn't blame myself later not speaking up and clearing it.As per your saying that I should opt for masters in MECH Engg/Mfg. Systems Engg but in this filed later I'll just be handling 2-3 project with a team of 5-6 members [say as a team leader] BUT having some more specified degree can make me handle a corporate level and handling a bunch a groups like say as a manager.So as per your description on the course you have briefed WHY shouldn't I go for Masters in Engg Management? In my career I don't want to just stick to one position [say a team leader], i want to make my way towards a well renowned employee in a good corporate [say a manager or a CEO] but on the grounds of knowledge of my technical aspects.