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7 steps you must follow to reduce your study abroad budget

Posted almost 3 years ago by M. verma

Planning to study abroad? Then be ready to spend a good amount of money on travelling. It is always good to plan your travelling budget in advance. In most cases, foreign students forget to include travelling expense in their budget. Travelling in foreign country is much more expensive as compared to travelling in your own country. Apart from travelling, there are many other things which can help to reduce your study abroad budget. There are many useful steps and measures by which you can reduce your actual travelling amount and save money-:

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  1. Assess your entrance test preparation before booking a test date: If you want to apply in a foreign university then you need to take some entrance test. Before booking a test date for GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOFEL or SAT, it is always advisable if you take some online test to evaluate your preparation. It will save your money if you have not prepared well for the exam and unable to score well. Rather than applying for retest it is always good if you take some assessment tests first.

  2. Plan in advance: There will be different visa rules and procedures for every country and the cost associated with visa processing will be different too. So if you want to take admission in spring semester, you should apply for visa at least three to four months before to save last minute hurdle and save extra cost. If you know in advance at which time you will travel then you will be able to reduce your travelling cost. So it is always good if you plan things in advance to save the fine and last minute extra charges.

  3. Book your air tickets in advance: There are many airlines which offer heavy discount to those travellers who book their tickets in advance. If you know your traveling dates in advance, it is always good that you book your tickets in advance to save money. You can also contact some travelling agents to get good discounts or to avail special offers on your travelling cost.

  4. Buy Medical insurance in advance: In all study abroad destination it is mandatory that students must buy some medical insurance. It is always best if you buy a medical insurance in advance, a plan which suits your budget and gives you maximum coverage. If you buy medical plan in your own country it will be less expensive as compared to buying a medical insurance in that particular university.

  5. Try to get accommodation in hostel: If you are planning to study in foreign university it is always good if you get accommodation in college hostel itself. Hostel accommodation is always economical as compared to living in private accommodation. Seats in every hostel are limited. Hence, it is always good if you apply to hostel well in advance to increase the chances of getting accommodation there. Incase if you do not get accommodation in hostel, you can search out options for twin sharing and homestay near the campus.

  6. Look around for best deals to buy books: If you are studying in a foreign university it is not necessary that you should buy all the books. You can search for best buy options or some special discounts on books. You can also buy second hand books. In foreign universities, there are many bookstores inside the campus and outside the campus which provide many best buy offers on second hand books. So you can reduce your cost and can buy second hand books instead of going for new books.

  7. Do not spend money on shopping: It is always good if you avoid shopping in foreign countries. Try to carry all necessary stuff with you so that you will not spend money on shopping. Most of the things must be many times expensive as compared to in your home country. Try to carry woolens, pair of shoes, and other necessary stuff with you rather than buying them from there.

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