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Study in Australia: New visa norms allow Indian students to work up to 4 years after their programme

Posted almost 3 years ago by M. verma

Australia is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations among international students. Every year, many students apply to various Australian Universities. It offers more than 10,000 courses to choose from. Australian visa authority has introduced some more important changes in student visa. The new reforms are welcomed by Australian universities. It will give a competitive advantage to Australian universities in international market. According to the new reforms, getting admission in any Australian university will be simpler now. The universities ensure that the students from India will receive same kind of advantages and get same opportunities as the students from UK, USA, Canada and Singapore are enjoying there.

The visa processing time will have significantly improved. This will allow students more time to apply, arrange for enrolment and accommodation. They are not only eligible to get admission in Australian universities, but they will have the opportunity to remain in the country and gain some valuable work experience and build their professional network. As per the new norms, graduates with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to work at least for two years in the country. The students who have completed their post graduate study in the country are eligible to work for three years in the country. Students who have done their Ph.D in any Australian university are eligible to work up to four years after completion of their programme. This will help to give students a significant opportunity to gain some work experience in the professional world and build some professional links in international market. According to the new norm, students have the opportunity to study their programme and gain some professional experience when they choose this country to study their dream programme.

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