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Top 5 Engineering Colleges of USA: Eligibility criteria & GRE score required

Posted almost 3 years ago by M. verma

Engineering is one of the most sought after programmes in USA. Every year, students from different countries study in USA universities to pursue their higher education. Engineering provides largest career opportunities for students. In USA engineering colleges almost 38 per cent foreign students belong to India. This also proves that engineering is one such field which is very popular among all students.

The main reason which attracts international students to study engineering in USA is cutting edge research in various fields of engineering backed by industry. Maximum numbers of colleges and universities in the USA receive large research grants from the industry and federal government. The availability and excellence of resources and infrastructure for research is world class. For admission to graduate programmes in engineering most of the colleges and universities require the applicant to have completed their under graduation degree and apart from that must fulfill all other eligibility criteria too. Let’s check out the eligibility criteria & GRE score of top five engineering colleges in USA. Do not have enough funds to support your studies? Do not worry about your funding

University Name GRE /GMAT TOELF score IELTS score
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) GRE (required score not available) Minimum: 650 Minimum: 7
Stanford University GRE (required score not available) Minimum: CBT: 235, PBT:575, IBT: 89* Does not accept IELTS
University of California, Berkeley (UCB) GRE (required score not available) Minimum: CBT: 230, PBT: 570, IBT: 68 IELTS (required score not available)
Georgia Institute of Technology GRE minimum: 1300 Minimum: IBT: 84 IELTS (score not available)
Cornell University Verbal – 500, Quantitative – 750, Analytical – 5.0 Minimum: IBT: 98 Minimum score: 6.5
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