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7 most popular career options after MBA in Finance

Posted about 3 years ago by P. Ghura

An MBA degree is a gateway to a prestigious career and a handsome salary package. Most students pursue an MBA as it is one of the most sought after degrees of today. From senior roles in management to starting one’s own entrepreneurial venture, there is a plethora of career options after completing MBA.

While most students get high-profile job offers after completion of their MBA, there are some career profiles that are most sought after by MBA student pool. After going through the B-schools placement 2011 data, these career options are-:

  1. Investment Banking: It is one of the most sought after career options among MBA junta. Not only is this profile prestigious but it pays well. A high pressure job, an investment banker raises capital and advises others on acquisitions. Thus it gives an opportunity to one to apply all his principals to the real corporate world.

  2. Management Consultant: Most companies hire management consultants to solve problems in every key area of their work. As a management consultant, one also has the option to work with a consultancy firm or as a freelancer. Moreover, salary is great and so is the prestige.

  3. Insurance: The insurance industry is a stable, slow growth business that rewards those who are willing to work hard and stick with it. Like financial planners, the successful insurance agents are those who are good at managing relationships with people and at sales. However, the scope of growth in this line is immense.

  4. Private Equity / Venture Capital: This is a challenging field and not all B-school graduates can think of pursuing a career in this field. Only B-school graduates who have good investment acumen can succeed in private equity. This is one industry where you will get many chances to execute what you learned at your management institute. The work is stressful and will give you ample chances to work in a fast-paced the private equity industry offers the opportunity to exercise many of entrepreneurial environment.

  5. Entrepreneurship: Imagine the thrill of setting up your own business venture and see it grow. It is for those individuals who love risk bearing, as your resources are at stake when you start-up your own venture. It can pay huge results if your venture becomes successful. However, it is very risky as it can lead to huge loses.

  6. Financial Planning: These professionals help people to invest their money better. Another prestigious option, financial planners guide families in their asset allocation so that the families are saving for retirement, for college, and for a rainy day. They can either be employed with a brokerage house or independently.

  7. Analyst: For those who have good analytical skills that help them to so an in-depth analysis of a problem, this is a great career for you. Not only are analysts sought-after but they work to determine opportunities and problems. Even the pay is good.
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