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Top 10 Undergraduate Law colleges in UK

Posted about 3 years ago by M. verma

Law is considered as one of the most prestigious and respectable professions. After completion of their 10+2, many students aspire to become future lawyers. This field has commendable growth opportunities for all aspirants. This field requires lot of hard work and dedication to excel. Law regulates almost all aspects of our lives and covers areas as vast as business, civil society, politics, foreign and internal trade, international relations, even our daily life. Students from all over the world pursue this programme to become lawyers or judges. There are many top universities which offers law courses throughout the world.

Many students choose to specialise in various areas and become professional as civil lawyer, criminal lawyer, environmental lawyer, property lawyer, family lawyer, Human lawyer, corporate lawyer, etc. The most common degrees that students pursue in most of the countries at undergraduate level are LLB, the bachelor of law degree. Most of the foreign countries such as United Kingdome, United States of America, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and almost all countries offer undergraduate, post graduate degrees, and research work in law field. To get admission in any foreign university one needs to fulfill the eligibility requirements of that particular university or country. If you are planning take admission in any overseas universities, you are suppose to take entrance test conducted by that country. Here is the list of top ten law universities of the UK. Check the list and choose your university which suits you most.

  1. Oxford University: The faculty of Law at Oxford has been ranked as “excellent” by most of its students as compared to any other university in the UK, as per Legal Week’s annual survey 2011. Almost 78% of the students preferred its faculty and awarded it the highest available rating, “excellent”, which compares to an average of just for other universities and 69.5% for Cambridge University, which was rated as the second highest in the survey result.

  2. Cambridge University: Cambridge University has been offering this course to students since the thirteenth century. Presently, the faculty has more than seventy teaching staff, around 700 undergraduate students, 180 LLM students and 100 graduate research students.

  3. Queen Mary University: Queen Mary University’s law school is one of the largest UK law schools. The college offers students an internationally acclaimed degree and excellent academic environment in which they can study, develop and conduct research. The faculty has been consistently ranked in the top 10 UK Law Schools.

  4. UCL: The UCL established its law faculty in 1826 and since then the faculty is offering excellent education opportunities to students. It is rated among the leading law schools of the country. UCL’s faculty of Law has been rated at third place in the Guardian’s University Guide 2012 subject tables for UK law schools, receiving good overall score of 91.3%. Almost 94% of students surveyed were satisfied with their courses and academic environment at UCL Law and 93% were satisfied with the teaching experience.

  5. King's College London: Law at King’s has enjoyed a tradition of excellence for over 175 years and is recognised globally as one of the UK’s top five law schools. Internationally acclaimed and research led school, the School has been ranked high for the student satisfaction rating in the National Students Survey of Law within the Russell group of top 20 British universities since 2005.

  6. London School of Economics: Since the foundation of the LSE just over a century ago, the law school is an integral part of the School. The law department is one of the largest in the school. It has a special place and status among students.

  7. SOAS: The Faculty of Law and Social Science at SOAS is very renowned faculty. This is one of the largest in the school in terms of students and staff members. The department includes the department of Development studies, Economics, Financial and Management Studies, as well as Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Sciences, the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, the Centre of Taiwan Studies and a number of department-specific centres.

  8. Newcastle University: Newcastle law school was ranked at third place in UK by Sunday Times. Newcastle is self-oriented with a newly renovated lecture theatre, student communal area and library. The university has almost 500 students and full-time academics. The faculty concentrates on offering high quality teaching and research in friendly environment.

  9. Warwick University: The School of Law was founded in 1969 and since its inception it turned into one of the leading Law Schools in the UK. It is offering quality research consistently and received high rating. The university was ranked among the leading half-dozen research and teaching institutes in the UK. The School has almost 750 students under its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with good ratio of faculty

  10. Nottingham University: Nottingham Law School is one of the largest university law school in the UK with more than 100 full-time staff and over 2,800 students. The law school concentrates on academic excellence and this feature distinguish the school from others. Innovative courses meet the requirements of the students and legal world, and the research work of the school is globally acclaimed.

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