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Summer Jobs: It’s time to learn and earn

Posted over 3 years ago by M. verma

With most colleges over with their final examinations, students must be gearing up for their summer vacations. However, for those students who have taken their exam the next big question is how to utilise their precious time in more constructive way. Many college students chose to do internship and for them the hunt for an internship has already begun. Presently, as the professional world is changing very rapidly and the demand for skilled professionals is growing. In this kind of situation an internships provides a platform to understand the professional scenario along your studies.

There are also some students who opt to go for some technical course or some other kind of short-term course to develop their skills. There are numbers of short term technical courses available which enable students to learn some more skills during their vacations. Undergoing a professional course or doing a summer internship helps you in many ways.

In present scenario, the race to grab a right kind of job for you is very tough and such is the case to get a right kind of internship for you. Taking note to the market competition various institutions making the summer internship mandatory. While some institutions provide the opportunities to students to get an internship, there are other institutions in which the students need to search for internship at their own. In that situation where institutions do not provide any kind of help to get internship, students are on the look out for organisations they could work with during their vacations.

Till five years ago, the internship was at most perceived as a mere academic requirement for management and engineering students. But now the things have changed, and the requirements for more professional and skilled students are on the rise. Organisations are looking for more trained and professional candidates. A summer internship provides you an edge to learn the technicalities of the professional world in the live scenario.

This is visible from the changing nature of internship and the process of seeking them. Many organisations make use of the summer vacations by giving students a rigorous training, seeing if there are prospective employees among interns, even as the trainees see prospective employer in the organisations. Recognising the increasing importance of the internship and the challenges related to those, students are giving their best during their internships and trying to learn as much as they can.

Internship provides students a chance to get associated with a good brand during their studies. They get stipend or brand value, and exposure to the professional scenario. Some companies, in tern, place offers to the students based on the impression and performance during the internship. Many big brands place internship offers to management students from premier B-Schools. They also make the final placement offers to students based on the performance in internships program. To get an internship is really tough for students as the competition is increasing day-by-day.

Companies connect with such portals, letting them know of opportunities they may have for interns. “Even some big companies hire interns for good stipends. Start-ups, particularly, are always on the look out for good candidates as interns Krithiga Kamaraj, now in her third year of engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology, is hoping that her internship will be as fruitful. “They [the company] have asked me to take a test in May. I'm taking up this internship as it will give me some exposure and prepare me better for the GRE that I will take later,” she says.

Students who opt for internship utilise their time and finally get an opportunity to learn professional skills from that organisation. His/her chances to get good final placement offer just doubled as compared to those students who do not go for any kind of summer internships. To lead the race of the professional world is it really necessary to get a good placement offer.

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