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IIT JEE 2011 Cut offs to be between 190 and 200: Career Point

Posted over 3 years ago by P. Ghura

While the IIT JEE 2011 has been hailed by aspirants as an easy paper, there were three errors in Mathematics section that left students perplexed. In a quick tête-à-tête with Pramod Maheshwari, Director and CEO of Career Point Infosystems Ltd, Pritika Ghura from StudyPlaces tries to decode the expected cut offs for IIT-JEE 2011.

Q1) What are your views on IIT JEE paper this year? Were there any changes in the pattern of questions as compared to last year?

Ans) This year the pattern of IIT JEE was same but there was a difference in marking scheme. The Weightage of negative and partial marking has been reduced. Hence, we can call it a balanced paper. Also the paper was considered easy by students who took the exam.

Q2) Last year IIT-JEE paper was marred by discrepancies. Was there any such discrepancy or any printing error in IIT JEE 2011?

Ans) Fortunately there were no discrepancies in IIT JEE paper this year. However, there are a few questions in paper-1 of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that had confusing information which might leave students confused and might create an issue among aspirants.

Q3) Sir, on the basis of the papers can you predict the cut offs for different subjects?

Ans) As per the expert panel of Career Point and feedback of students it has been predicted that the cut off could rise this year to 190-200 marks.

Q4) This year several reforms were introduced by IIT organisers to ensure transparency. Do you think these reforms will be helpful for students in the long run?

Ans) Certainly, I believe transparency in IIT-JEE system will make authorities more responsible and will help student to understand his/her real potential. However, I have recently read news in a national daily that IIT-JEE answer key will be released by JEE committee after 30 days which will be of no help for student.

Q5) Do you think the current selection process in IITs is foolproof? Also what do you thing helps an aspirant score a perfect rank in JEE?

Ans) To do well in IIT-JEE, apart from a deep subject knowledge, a student requires confidence, positive attitude & a right exam strategy. IITs are improving their selection process. However, there is still scope for improvement. I believe that multiple choice questions cannot judiciously test the scientific & mathematical abilities and logical aptitude of a student. IIT-JEE committee should reintroduce the subjective pattern if they really want to select the best brain.

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