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With India hosting major sporting events, it is slowly becoming the tourist hub of the world. This has lead to plethora of career opportunities in the field of Hospitality. In this field the whole world is your workplace. Pursue your dream course and work anywhere in the world!


11 reasons to join Hospitality Industry

Posted over 3 years ago by M. verma

Hospitality is a flourishing industry which offers plenty of opportunities and growth chances for aspiring professionals. Everyone likes to get into this sector because this field gives you ample opportunity for growth. There are lots of reasons to get into the hospitality sector; here are ten great reasons for choosing this field:

  1. Promising profession: Hotel management jobs not only offer you great growth opportunities but a promising career. There are activities worth your time and attention that can provide you the purpose you have been looking for.
  2. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people: What makes these hospitality jobs so exciting? Why, the people, of course! If you are a people oriented person, you will not have to search long for something to love about your new profession. Here you will get the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and countries.
  3. You can be as creative as you want: It gives you an opportunity to be as creative as you want. Whether you are looking forward to entertain guests or prepare delicious meal or drinks, hospitality jobs will always allow you to use your creativity. This field gives you more opportunities than just punching a clock.
  4. Financially rewarding: The median salaries for hospitality sector are good and goes up to thirties. That’s over Rs. 5,00,000 per year on the low end. Hotel management pay well exceed per year and can even skyrocket into six figures depending more upon your experience. Professionals in this field earn handsome amount and get stability in their profession.
  5. It is extremely marketable: All over the world there are tourists that look forward to an enjoyable vacation, creating many job opportunities for people in this industry. There are lots of job opportunities in this field and professionals can get a job anywhere in the world. The whole world is your home in this profession.
  6. It does not take a lot of money: As the cost of college continues to very high, a good four-year degree from an accredited university or a successful trip through culinary school can give you all education that you will ever need to make the most of your career. And if you get an opportunity to complete the course in three years that mean you can save the expenditure of one year.
  7. It does not take lot of time: This field does not only require long term degree courses, here you can pursue short term course also to get a job. After completion of two years or one year diploma you can search a job in the professional field.
  8. Set your own responsibilities: This field is not just about working 9AM to 6PM. It demands something more than the usual jobs. When your work is people based, busy work is not usually a part of the equation. It is a field where you will face lots of new and unwanted situations too. So everyday is new day for you.
  9. It is diverse: The field of hospitality industry is very diverse; here you can work on various places and positions. From running a theme park to working for a band club or management jobs, you can explore as many options as you want.
  10. Fun while working: When you are having fun, and enjoying it shows that you love your work. In this field you will get enough opportunities to work and enjoy and to follow your passion with lots of energy.
  11. Stop waiting for things to happen: In this field you are required to be proactive, you can not just wait for things to settle down or to happen. Here in this profession you have to be on your toes to achieve great success. With hotel industry jobs and hospitality jobs in simple terms your future is in your hands.
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