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10 Important Tips to crack IIT JEE 2011

Posted over 3 years ago by P. Ghura

As IIT-JEE 2011 is around the corner, you must be feeling anxious and nervous. Scoring well in this exam is necessary if you’re aspiring to study engineering from prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. Since your future is at stake, you need to put in a lot of effort to crack IIT JEE 2011.

In an attempt to help you prepare for JEE, we have talked to some experts and given you some tips to prepare for the exam. While the three golden commandments being study, revise and practice, follow these tips for a successful preparation-:

  1. Make a timetable: You must divide your time between all the subjects you’re preparing for and allot time according to your comfort with the subject. If you feel you’re weak in a certain subject, you should allot more time for it.
  2. One at a time: Approach one topic at a time and complete its revision before moving onto the next topic.
  3. Make strong points your real strong points: Be 100% thorough with your strong subjects. You need to be absolute sure about the topics which you think you’re good at. Do not divert your attention towards topics that you are unsure about.
  4. Create formulas & short notes: Create short notes, list all formulas and points to remember. This will help in quick revision before the examination.
  5. Practice: Just revising is not enough. You need to practice enough to work on your weak areas. Try to do as many number of quality problems as possible to develop a sound confidence level. Toppers learn from their weak areas and practise well in time to correct them by all possible means.
  6. Take other competitive exams: Besides mock tests, make it a point to appear in competitive exams like OLYMPIADS, KVPY, SAT, Advanced Placements to brush up on your aptitude and analytical ability.
  7. Develop Speed & Accuracy: Refer to reputed mock test series to build a winning exam temperament. Solve the past year's IIT-JEE papers and get a hold on your weak areas. Focus on your weak areas and improve upon your concepts.
  8. Don’t stress yourself: Don’t stress yourself too much. You need to have at least seven hours every night is a must, especially three-four days before IIT-JEE to keep you physically and mentally fit. While short naps may help to regain freshness, avoid over-sleeping during the day.
  9. Positive Attitude: If one has the right 'attitude' required towards preparation for the exam then even an average students can think of clearing it with good score.
  10. Prepare for both JEE & CBSE Boards simultaneously: Majority of the topics of IIT-JEE are also covered in the CBSE Board exams, hence it is recommended that you prepare for both exams, simultaneously. Practise all NCERT problems while brushing up JEE chapters.
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