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Top 5 reasons to study MBA from Singapore

Posted over 3 years ago by M. verma

Getting enrolled in a good MBA college in India or any foreign university is the main concern for any student or a professional aspiring to pursue MBA.

Almost lakhs of aspiring students appeared in Common Admission Test (CAT) this year aiming to study in one of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM). But the seats in these IIMs are limited and the numbers of students seeking admission in these renowned institutes are in lakhs. Considering the ratio of MBA aspirants in India vis-à-vis the top B-School seats it makes good sense for those who do not get through the top B-Schools in India to look at options outside the country rather end up in a tier-2 institute in India. This would provide them higher returns on their investment. This would also offer a global learning atmosphere and work opportunities in foreign countries.

Most of the B-Schools abroad require work experience from applicants. Singapore, in particular, is an appealing choice for Indian students. Most of the courses are of one-year duration and students are admitted on academic record, rather than entrance tests, so these are more accessible options for fresh graduates. Studying in Singapore is an exciting option to study and make your career in their chosen field. Some of benefits of studying in Singapore are:

  • Quality of education institutes: Singapore has some of the best educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. The Singapore education system promises a global experience that draws from the latest and the best in knowledge from around the world.
  • Education within your reach: Singapore is one of the most economical choices for those students who wish to pursue their dream course from international university. The expense of the fee and living costs in most MBA institutes compared to other foreign institutes is low and ranges between 10 lakh to 15 lakh only.
  • Opportunity to study with students from different countries: Students from various countries fly to Singapore to pursue their higher education. There you may get the opportunity to study with students from more than 30 countries. This will give you opportunity to learn about the advantages of their culture. While studying you can create excellent global networking which may prove helpful in your future too.
  • Opportunity to work during your programme: Completing your education away from your home country might be an expensive affair for many students. So while pursuing a degree from Singapore, you can also work for 16 hours in a week to support your studies. Working during your course and earning some extra money can be very helpful to fund your expenses.
  • Job opportunities: Singapore is the hub of most global organisations in Asia-Pacific and therefore most of the economic activities happen here. More than 26,000 international companies have established their office in Singapore. The economic environment will give students excellent career opportunity and get an opportunity to work with one of the best business environment in Asia.
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