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Engineering in India

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Why pursue MBA after Engineering?

Posted over 3 years ago by P. Ghura

So you have pursued Engineering in your Graduation, now its time to decide which subject to pursue at the post graduation level. While some of your friends maybe opting for M Tech, some would be going for an MBA. Let us discuss why an engineering student should pursue MBA.

While an engineering degree will train you in technical concepts, pursuing an MBA will help you get more exposure to management and business-related topics you didn't come across in engineering studies. Moreover an MBA will equip you to handle senior positions in an organisation and will enhance your prospects of a fat pay cheque.

Getting trained in subjects such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour, an MBA will help you to solve different business problems, understanding marketing issues and management related issues.

Quoting a report in DNA, in this dynamic market an engineer is required to be a manager who has to implement new practices and new technology. Thus the engineer often becomes the primary agent of change within the modern organisation, which again requires specific skills and learning.

Pursuing MBA after an engineering degree will empower you with both technical skills and management knowledge which will give you the confidence to apply these skills to develop 'strategies for growth' of their employing companies.

So if you want to have an edge over your classmates, you must do an MBA. Moreover since you’re good with numbers it will be easier for you to crack CAT and gain entry to the prestigious IIMs. This will help you to get the best of job offers.

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