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Top 10 career option in Mass Communication

Posted over 3 years ago by M. verma

Mass communication is a contemporary field of study. It is a study that involves numerous means of mass communication that have been developed so far. These different tools of mass communication are necessary for information. We can use this mass communication tool to spread the massage across the masses or to build opinion or views on a certain topic.

Mass communication is the study of mass media. Mass communication incorporates all types of medium used to convey all sort of information. These medium could be newspaper, magazines and television or radio etc. An individual trained in this field has a fair chance to build a promising career for himself in this sector. They can try their luck in print media, electronic media, advertising field and public relation sector as well as in research field too. Here is the list of top ten career options of this field:

  1. Career as Journalist: Students who have completed their mass communication can pursue their career as journalist. This is one of the most preferred career choices of maximum students who have completed their mass communication. They want to make their career as a journalist as it gives them name and fame. They can choose their career in print media or in electronic media. They can also work with top media house or in magazines. They can work with some newspaper, magazine, tabloid, or with some TV channel.

  2. Career as TV Anchor: Students of this field can make their career as TV anchor. This is one of the most lucrative fields. Aspiring professionals can earn hefty amount in this profession. TV news anchoring/program anchoring has emerged as a popular career option in the country after the entry of satellite channels and 24/7 news channels.

  3. Career as photojournalist: A photo journalist plays a very vital role in any print media as well in electronic media too. A good picture is better than thousand written words. A photo journalist can works with sports magazines, beauty magazines, newspapers and other sectors of print media. A good photo journalist can earn a handsome amount. A photo journalist can also work as freelancer with many organisations. He/she can sell his/her photographs to media houses, magazines and other publishing houses and can earn a very hefty amount.

  4. Career as content writer: Content writing can be defined as producing content for the web. It is often dubbed as web content writer, because it has emerged as a job related to the cyber media. In the age of globalisation, writing articles, stories and blogs on websites has emerged as an effective way of expanding one’s business and promoting any service or product through internet. Writing for website is totally different from writing for newspapers and magazines or any other media. The job of the content writer not only involves writing articles, but also includes lots of research work too.

  5. Career as Radio Jockey: Radio Jockey is specially someone who plays music on radio of his own or audience’s choice. He/she interacts with people, delivering relevant local, national or international news and information in his/her own style. This career require rationality, creativity, right use of words, a good sense of humour, excellent communication skills, appealing and clear voice, and good sense of music. This is not conventional career option, but it is emerging as one of the most sought after career choices among the youth. With the advent of more and more FM channels, this profession has become a popular career choice among the aspirants.

  6. Career in Film Editing: Editing is an integral part of film making. Film editing can be defined as a process of selecting the scenes and combining them in right sequence, in order to make a motion picture. Sometimes, film editing is referred to as an ‘invisible art’ because viewers generally are not aware of the work a film editor. A film editor has to keep various points in mind while editing a movie like story, rhythm, and audience focus of interest. This profile has become a money spinning job, nowadays demand for the trained professionals in this field has increased a lot.

  7. Career in Screen play writing: Screen play writing can be defined as writing documents that consists of the story of a film or a television program. All the work of director, cast, editor and production team moves around the screenplay or script. Therefore, script should be written in a good manner, so that every member of the team can have a clear idea of the story. There are two important part of this style of writing- action and dialogue. Screenplay writing has emerged as lucrative career option.

  8. Career in media planning: With the media and advertising industry emerging as the most powerful ways of communication. The career option in this field is increasing. Media planning is most promising career option in present situation. It includes selection of media for the placement of advertisement on behalf of clients, keeping the budget and target audience in mind. A media planner acts as a mediator between media organisation and clients. They help client to buy media space for the advertisement. Media planner should have good communication skills, pleasing personality and pro-active good observer. Thorough knowledge of current media trends is also important to excel in this field.

  9. Career as Voice-over artist: A voice-over artist is a person who lends his/her voice to complement the visuals being telecast on the screen. It can be considered as off-screen commentary. It is a technique wherein voice is modulated in order to be broadcast along with the visuals of a tele film, documentary, advertisement, television serial or news. Radio also makes use of voice-over artist to convey important massages. A voice over artist should have good command over language and should know more than two languages, clarity of voice, pitch of the voice, tone as well as silence in accordance with the gestures and body language of the character.

  10. Career as PR manager: PR managers are responsible for effective and impressive communication and play a very important role in the matter of policy making. They also develop healthy relationship between various departments within the organisation itself and external public. They can find jobs in both public and private sectors. Government departments hire their own PR spokes persons. They can also find jobs in corporate houses, media houses, political parties, banking, finance, insurance, advertising agencies, hotels, tour and travel agencies, export houses, consultancy etc.
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