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IGNOU Assignments 2011 – Dates & Guidelines

Posted over 3 years ago by P. Ghura

IGNOU assignments 2011 have been release by IGNOU for various disciplines. IGNOU assignments are an important aspect of the IGNOU correspondence programs being offered at graduate and post graduate levels across disciplines. IGNOU assignments 2011 announced today are for those students who would be taking the June 2011 exams.

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IGNOU assignments 2011 have been announced for each and every discipline that is being offered at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Assignments usually consist of a group of questions and one or two essays to be written on given topics. These are marked assignments and candidates submitting the IGNOU 2011 assignments in time can gain some easy marks for the total marks calculation.

Download IGNOU Assignments 2011

For a list of the recently released IGNOU assignments 2011, candidates can visit the official IGNOU website and get a detailed list of IGNOU assignment papers for their subjects. The websites lists all the IGNOU assignments in a downloadable format. See below for link.

Important Dates for IGNOU Assignments 2011

Once candidates download the IGNOU assignments 2011 they must keep a note of the last dates for submission of these assignments. For example, for post graduate programs, last date of submission of the assignments for July 2010 session students is 31st March 2011 & for January 2011 session students the last date is 30th September 2011.

Similarly different dates are specified for graduate, diploma & certificate programs. These dates can be checked at the official website of IGNOU.

How to do & Submit the IGNOU Assignments 2011

The completed assignments need to be submitted to the coordinator of your Study Centre. Candidates must ask for the receipt of submitting the 2011 assignments and keep it carefully. After evaluation of the submitted assignments, the assignment sheets would be to the Student Evaluation Division at IGNOU.

The guidelines on how to complete the IGNOU assignments and how to submit them are given in the assignments itself. Candidates must read and take note of these guidelines. Some of the important things to note about IGNOU assignments 2011 are:

  • The assignments are compulsory. Students need to do one assignment in each course. Each assignment covers the whole course.
  • Stick to the word limit specified in the assignment. Write original answers to all the questions.
  • Assignments 2011 should be submitted before the term end examination.
  • Plan and attempt your assignments unit wise.
  • Write well organized answers.
  • Submit your assignments in time.

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Download IGNOU Assignments 2011 for various subjects from

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