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Delhi’s IP University launches credit transfer system to study abroad, others to follow

Posted about 4 years ago by Arti

Indian Education system recently travelled another milestone towards global education with Delhi’s Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU hereafter) introducing Credit-Transfer System allowing students to carry forward their credits to study in a foreign University. Find out how as StudyPlaces digs up all the relevant information for you.


The University Grants Commission (UGC) recently announced that all central and state universities will need to shift from the annual system to adopt the semester system model in due course of time. A major benefit of this semester model system is that it will enable an uncomplicated credit-transfer system.

What is Credit-Transfer System

A credit-transfer system allows University students the flexibility to transfer their academic credits to another institute. Through this method, they can spend their one or more semesters in another national or International institute.

Step taken by GGSIPU

Starting this academic session, the students of GGSIPU will have the option to spend one semester in those international universities that have signed a MoU (Memorandums of Understanding) with GGSIPU. The university has signed a series of MoUs with various US and European universities to exchange faculty and students in courses like engineering, management and social science.

Though the education sector experts are sceptic of this move and call it farfetched and impractical, the institutes that have adopted and implemented this semester model have a different story to tell.

Dilip K Bandyopadhyay the Vice- Chancellor of GGSIPU said that the university was established to offer quality professional education to students from Delhi and nearby areas.
“During more than a decade of its existence, the university has become a torchbearer in innovating various ways of teaching like the semester system, interdisciplinary courses, credit system etc. Now, our aim is to place the university on the next orbit, that is to introduce a culture of research and give our students international exposure,” he iterated.

American Associations

GGSIPU has recently signed an MoU with USA’s Auburn University. According to University, every year both universities will exchange 20 to 24 engineering students. The agreement enables students from GGSIPU to pursue their V, VI, VII and VIII semesters at the Auburn University. The best benefit is that these students will receive degrees from both GGSIPU and Auburn University.

To bring the best of both the universities to their students, the next step will be to compare the syllabus of both the universities in their disciplines. Each university will offer topics not taught by the other.

Future Steps

Bandyopadhyay informs that the university is already in the process of signing MoUs with institutes like ESSEC Business School (Paris), Sigmund Freud University (Vienna), and McMaster University (Canada) among others.

It is not mandatory for all but only those who are interested in spending their semester in international universities. These students will have to arrange their finances on their own. The estimated cost of four semesters in Auburn University will cost between 25 to 40 lakh INR.” Bandyopadhyay says that costs of the credit transfer system need to be realigned so that maximum students can get this valuable international exposure.

Welcome abroad

As a plus, the foreign universities in US, France and Canada are optimistic to pour in Indian students. They are confident of Indian students’ ability to pick up fast. These foreign universities find Indian minds as logic-oriented and our students as fast learners.

Best of Luck!
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hey in case I want to get my credits transferred how should I go about it... Can Some one help me on this.. I am a GGSIPU Student.. Need revert