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IIMs announce Short Term Courses for Working Professionals

Posted over 4 years ago by Arti

Indian Institute of Technology, better known as IIM, is globally known for its excellence and tradition. Starting from Post Graduate degrees and diplomas in management, IIMs are now launching various short term programs for working professionals. These IIM short term programs are conducted through distance learning method and conducive in increasing knowledge quotient or exploring growth prospects in same organisation or horizontal movement. Here are some of these courses, their benefits and details:

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Programme: General Management Programme for Accounting Professionals (GMPAP) IIM-Calcutta

Background: This program is targeted at Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Company Secretaries aspiring to make a career in the corporate sector and escalate to higher positions like CFO and CEO. GMPAP is oriented towards providing general management inputs to enable participants appreciate and understand the environment in which he/she operates. It has been designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools, which will enable them to broaden their business perspectives and help them take strategic decisions. The program is for 18 months and is offered by IIM Calcutta. The application forms are available at IIM Calcutta website.
Structure of the programme: The GMPAP is structured into two components:

  1. Classroom Component: This component forms the core of this program. Spread over 18 months, the Interactive Learning component consists of 450 instructional hours through the Interactive Onsite Learning Mode.
  2. Project Component: Participants will work on a problem drawn from a medium / large size organization to demonstrate application of the concept. Expected involvement in this component would be around 200 hours.

Method of Instruction

The teaching will be highly interactive and will leverage the use of technology. It will consist of lectures, real life case studies, assignments and quizzes.

The sessions will be delivered on HughesNet Global Education interactive learning platform. The core of the platform is a powerful user interface that enables large number of geographically distributed students to have a highly interactive one to one exchange with a central faculty. The system incorporates live broadcast video, two way audio and data interactivity to enable the students watch and interact with the faculty live on their PC's.

Program Fee:

The total Fee of the program is Rs. 2,58,250/- The cost of Books & Materials Fee will be charged extra. The Books Fee is Rs. 12,000/- (Rs. 6,000 per term).

Programme: Executive Post Graduate Programme (ePGP), IIM-Kozhikhode

Background: Provided by IIM Kozhikhode, ePGP in Management is a two-year post graduate diploma programme offered on Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) platform. The objective of the programme is to impart management education to working executives seeking skills and strategies to take their organizations to the next level. Graduates, CAs or ICWAs with 5 years of work experience are eligible for this program


In the first stage all aspirants have to appear in executive Management Aptitude Test (eMAT) designed by IIMK. In the second stage successful applicants have to appear in an on-line Personal Interview.


In the first year a participant has to undergo 450 hours of instruction of which 75 hours, spread over two visits of one week each, on IIMK campus and the remaining 375 on the interactive learning platform. After successful completion of first year a participant has to choose two specialization modules from among Finance, Marketing, Operations Management and Strategy and has to undergo all the prescribed courses from those modules. The contact hours in the second year will be 180 per specialization adding to 360 hours in the second year. These courses will be conducted entirely on the interactive distance learning platform.

Programme Fee: The total fee for two year ePGP programme (excluding travel and stay in IIM-Kozhikhode campus for one week during each term) is Rs 4,99,000/-

Programme: Executive Programme in Human Resource Management (EPHRM), IIM Calcutta

Background: Offered at IIM Calcutta, this 10 month program takes the customer oriented view about managing human resources in manufacturing, services, and sales organizations. The program tries to address important issues of acquisition, retention, and management of talent and knowledge. It also deals with specific issues of representative industries like healthcare, IT/outsourcing, financial services/professional services, sales, and manufacturing.

Programme Structure: The EPHRM Program at IIM is divided into following three components:

  • Classroom Component: This 10 months core component will include classroom teaching over the Interactive Onsite Learning technology.
  • Project Component: A capstone project will be undertaken by students to be completed over 3 months.
  • Campus Component: This core component will be conducted at the IIMC campus over 3 days.

Course Content: The three broad parts in which the course and syllabus is divided are as follows

Part A: Customer Oriented Human Resource Management: A Macro Perspective

Part B: Customer Oriented Human Resource Management: A Micro Perspective

Part C: Customer Oriented Human Resource Management: Few Industry Cases

Fee Structure: The total fee for the EPHRM programme, payable in 2 instalments is Rs 87,125/- The campus fee for 3 day stay at IIM-Calcutta is extra.

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