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BITSAT 2011 – How to prepare for BITSAT English and Logical Reasoning

Posted over 4 years ago by Arti

The BITSAT 2011 online examination is now all set to begin in a month’s time and students are wrapping up their BITSAT syllabus polishing the last few bits of it. The final few days of the BITSAT 2011 should completely be dedicated to taking the BITSAT sample papers and making an assessment of one’s performance after each attempt.

A little unique in its format BITSAT 2011 paper pattern is different from other popular engineering exams, namely, IIT JEE and AIEEE because of its English and Logical Reasoning Section.

The BITS Pilani eligibility criteria is among the toughest in the country with the requirement of at least 80% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Class 12 board examinations, with a minimum score of 60% marks in each of the subject taken individually. For Board toppers BITS admission process is different as they are granted direct admission. This feature is provided by BITS since it believes that students should not ignore the importance of their Class 12 board exams in lieu of the many entrance exams.

After the IIT JEE 2011 the BITSAT 2011 to be conducted online from 10th May to 10th June is the most awaited engineering entrance exam.

BITSAT exam paper pattern

The BITSAT 2011 online exam will be a 3 hour long objective type paper which will require students to answer through computers sitting in computer centres in different cities across India.

The BITSAT question paper consists of 150 questions of which 45 are from Mathematics, 40 are from Physics, 40 are from Chemistry and 25 from the English and Logical reasoning section.

To be able to appear for BITSAT 2010 it is compulsory for students to be from a Maths background.

BITS as an institute aspires to produce not only excellent engineers but also individual with the strength to communicate in the professional world. Hence, the inclusion of English and Logical Reasoning in the BITSAT 2010 online exam.

BITSAT 2011 – English and Logical reasoning

Out of the 25 questions in the English and Logical reasoning section 15 questions are from English while the rest 10 are from the reasoning section.

Following are the four topics to which most BITSAT English questions or infact, all competitive exams belong to –

  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Jumbled Paragraphs
  • Questions on an essay
  • Grammar

Step wise breakdown of BITSAT English topics –

Synonyms and Antonyms -

  • At least 2 questions belong to this category with synonyms and antonyms being the most commonly asked topic.
  • To be able to master Synonyms and Antonyms practice and learn Parts of Speech.
  • Reading from the GRE study material can be a good option since it has the nformation detailed and designed in a way most useful for entrance exam preparation.
  • If you start your BITSAT 2011 preparation on time then reading from the dictionary is always the best way to increase vocabulary.

Jumbled Paragraphs -

  • This is infact an easy to score section if you have a little understanding of English grammar and is a must to attempt.
  • The only thing to concentrate upon when trying to reassemble a paragraph is to understand the sequence of events.
  • The structure and sequence of events is easiest to grasp if one reads regularly, reading a newspaper is the best way to practice this both for English and knowledge and is not even time consuming.
  • Concentrate on understanding how possibly should the paragraph begin and end. If you are able to locate the beginning and concluding lines of a paragraph to assemble the middle of it becomes easier.
  • If still unable to solve the question and makes sense out ofit then use the Even if you could not identify anything from the paragraph, don't just skip the question.This is the easiest scoring model and don't miss it. Try to see the options given and choose which of them is giving a meaningful paragraph.

Question on Essay -

  • This like the unseen passage we all have answered numerous times during school exams. The key to saving time and cracking the questions in this section is to read the passage carefully and don’t just skip over it. Reading each line carefully the very first time will save your time and you won’t have to read the essay over and over again.
  • Usually in this section at least two questions are asked meaning a benefit of six marks, a simple time saving trick for this section can be reading the questions even before reading the paragraphs as a result when while reading the essay you can already notice which paragraph the answer might belong to.
  • Reading newspaper regularly can again enhance the speed of reading and grasping any available text.
  • For questions in this section never use any information that you might know otherwise or any assumed information. Keep your answers strictly based on the information provided already.

Grammar -

  • This section has the highest number of questions and automatically the highest weightage within the BITSAT paper.
  • Parts of Speech, Tenses, Verb forms, Conditional Sentences, Types of Sentences etc. are some sections under grammar which might be asked in the BITSAT 2011 English paper in any form.
  • Basic books like Wren and Martin are good for English grammar preparation and can be handy in any entrance exam other than the BITSAT 2011.
  • If you are already good at English still do not take it for granted if you think you don’t need to go back to the basics like then solve as many BITSAT sample papers as possible to keep polishing your skills.

Though the BITSAT English paper is not a very difficult one but for the candidates from a science background it can be quite a challenge since they probably never bothered about brushing up their English. So while English should not be the only focus of preparation you must make sure you spend enough time on it and not leave it for the last few days for it is not a thing to be learnt in a day’s time.

Notice – BITSAT hall ticket for BITSAT 2011 can be downloaded from the official website 10th April, 2011 onwards

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