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Opportunities in Canada for MBA Graduates

Posted over 4 years ago by A. Dey

Business Administration and management is one of the most sought after as well as lucrative career option in Canada. At the same time it is one of the most challenging jobs. A number of global business concerns are coming up in Canada and the requirements for professionals working at the optimum levels is growing substantially.

The Financial and Tourism sectors in are the largest provider of employment and revenue to the inhabitants. Thus the growth available in business administration and management sector here is enormous. The career can give you both financial security and avenues for improvement. The top Canada MBA programmes are offered by Universities of Alberta, British Columbia, Calgary, McGil, McMaster, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Simon, Toronto, University, and York.

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Why Canada for MBA

Getting international standard education at remarkably low cost is what MBA courses offer you in Canada. The Canadian MBA degree is looked with respect throughout the world. Tuition fees are also lower in comparison to most other countries. The most favored courses are Finance, International Business, marketing, and general business management.

MBA prospects

Survey reports have indicated that around 95% of the students who come out with MBA degree get appointed within four to six months time. Especially those who specialise in some wings like the service either in management, entrepreneurship, or in international business are found to be comparatively more successful. The best MBA programmes in Canada follow an integrated programme module to achieve this objective.

Opportunities are also available to diversify your career and participating in works on cooperative basis with public and private firms in . Jobs are also available abroad for you. Reasons for expansion of all-round opportunities for MBA graduates in Canada are the growing economy of the country.

Business administration graduates come with a background of academic and industrial expertise and thus prove to be quite valuable for the company in which they are engaged.

Canada MBA Job Requirements

Business Administration is a vast subject and there are multiple wings where you can specialise. Some of the most sought after qualifications are graduation in Commercial Law, Corporate Finance, CIS or Computerised Information System, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Marketing, and Taxation.

If you are seeking to have better leverage in finding job as MBA graduate in and contemplating exploring the avenues, you will have a host of options open to you. You may be looking for a graduate degree that is highly valued in or may be looking to add more credentials to the degree you already have. Remember, MBA is normally a career accelerator across various industries and bring you higher salaries. Consequentially the job requirements and responsibilities are higher too.

The requirements are: -

  • A master’s degree with two years training after graduation.
  • Work and study permits in .
  • Student’s visa if you are an overseas student.

MBA Salary Determinants

Normally the salaries you get will be in the range of $10-$30,000 for a bachelor’s degree. The same could be around $80,000 with the MBA degree. However, there are certain specific job requirements that will affect your salary prospects such as –

  • Sticking to a job without frequent changes,
  • Amount of experience you have acquired,
  • Reputation of the institute that trained you,
  • Demand and supply of jobs you are seeking,
  • Type of industry where you are trying for the job,
  • Location of your employer.

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The Trends

Number of degrees awarded in MBA has multiplied over the last couple of decades. Around 1, 50,000 MBA degrees are awarded annually now against around only 5,000 awarded during the 1960s. However, simultaneous multiplication of job opportunities in and abroad has not allowed the MBA degree value to plummet down.

Specialised MBA Degrees

General MBA courses are ordinarily shorter in duration compared to the specialised MBA courses. The most popular special types of MBA degrees available are –

  • Accounting
  • Business Analysis
  • Trade Economics
  • Marketing management
  • Organisational behaviour studies
  • Hospitality Management

Despite some slump in the international market, an MBA degree is still globally important for good job prospects. You can not aspire for a senior executive rank without such qualification. With an MBA degree you not only get higher leverage in terms of job rank and salaries but also working environment and conditions as well like less working hours.

MBA Job Opportunities in Canada

Major categories of job opportunities for MBA degree holders in are –

  • Legal jobs
  • Academic teaching position for health related jobs
  • Accounting and consultancy jobs
  • Management jobs in engineering organizations.
  • Management, senior executive and consultant jobs in leading commercial companies
  • Official jobs in Canadian Government
  • Management jobs in publications and periodicals, electronic and print media
  • Academic jobs

Greatest demand for MBA degree holders are for jobs of –

  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Sales Management
  • Project Management
  • Sales professionals
  • Technical Management
  • Executive Management

MBA Job Information Sources

Several sources of information relating to MBA jobs in are there. Some of the major sources are –

  • Government Agencies
  • Newspapers, and other print and electronic media
  • Job search help lines
  • Universities and Colleges helpline
  • Job Banks in
  • Canada Volunteer resources Directories

MBA Job Avenues

Multiple job avenues are available to MBA degree holders in . Some major avenues are –

  • Regular full time employment. The opportunity is however limited as companies normally do not have more than 50 such employees.
  • Entry through outsourced agencies. They provide around 25-26% of total job opportunities and are huge sources.
  • Contractual appointments also constitute around 19-20% of job opportunities.
  • There are nearly 27% vacant positions in most of the companies in .
  • Skill deficiencies in nearly one third of the companies allow good opportunities for you as MBA degree holder.
  • Lack of sufficient candidates with required level of skills and experiences that comes to nearly 56% and resultant vacancies.

Bright Chance for Fresh Graduate in Canada

The basic advantage of recruiting fresh graduates is that such candidates have specific knowledge and skills that would be highly beneficial for the companies. This ensures that the companies recruiting them will have people who are conversant with the technicalities of the subject and yet are fresh and can be groomed into real assets for their organisation. The companies recruiting such candidates will have leading edge advantages.

Opportunities for business administration graduates in Canada are many and if you follow the 3D principles of dedication, discipline, and determination, your future in the country as a professional would be bright.

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