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Vocational Courses in India

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Vocational Courses

Hospitality, Aviation & Tourism

Posted over 5 years ago by Studyplaces

The consumer service industry has emerged as the fastest growing industry in the world economy. It is one of the most dynamic sectors in terms of employment potential and national income. The consumer service industry broadly covers hospitality or hotel industry, tourism and aviation with each being interdependent.

UNWTO forecasts 1.6 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide by 2020 while the year 2007 saw 6.6% more international tourist than 2006. The growth in tourism has directly impacted the hotel and aviation sectors with respect to profitability, infrastructure enhancement and need for trained manpower. According to an estimate by 2010, India will see 10 million foreign visitors and thereby a demand for approximately 100,000 rooms.

Industry experts predict a need of 30,000 new employees in Asia Pacific and over 100,000 new staff globally over the next two to three years while Ma Foi Management Consultants reports hospitality sector in India alone is expected to see an estimated growth of US$ 11.41 billion in the next two years and around 40 international hotel brands by 2011.

Thus, obvious with the figures there is an urgent requirement of several trained manpower to meet the demands of this ever-growing industry . So a fascinating, promising, rewarding and challenging career option has emerged for those of you inclined towards hospitality, travelling and thrill at the same time.

You can either enter into hotel, aviation, tourism or travel sector. The scope and the growth prospects are vast.


With the emergence of numerous hotels, resorts, airlines there are varied job opportunities in India and abroad ranging from operations, front office, housekeeping, food and beverages, accounting, engineering/maintenance, sales and security. Some broad choices to choose from are:

  • Customer relation executive in hotels and other service sectors
  • Kitchen management/ housekeeping management trainee in hotels
  • Flight kitchens
  • Hospital and institutional catering executives
  • >Faculty in hotel management/ food craft institutes
  • Executive in Tourism Development Corporations and Resorts
  • Marketing/ Sales Executive in Hotel
  • Cabin crew in national and international airlines
  • Catering officer or chef in cruise lines
  • Executives multi-skilled in fast food chains


Aviation sector offers a wide range of career choices. Depending on your interest you can choose from being a commercial pilot, expat cabin crew, air traffic controller, cabin safety instructor, in-flight managers, base managers, cabin services instructor, cabin crew, training instructor, maintenance controllers, licensed aircraft maintenance engineering, quality control manager, cargo officers or in ground staff.

It is estimated aviation sector would require 7,500-8,000 pilots and an equal number or more air cabin crew by 2010. The packages for all openings are attractive and growth is good.

Tourism and Travel

Airlines and hotel chains are offering online reservation systems. Consumers often find the lowest prices on sites operated directly by airlines and hotels. E-commerce plays an important role in the tourism and travel sector making the travel bookings convenient and more cost-effective for travellers.

There are various job profiles in travel agencies, airlines and governmental organisations dealing with tourism. After gaining significant knowledge and expertise as a travel professional, you can also start your own travel agency with value added features and services.

Eligibility & Benefits

After 10+2 or graduation in any discipline you can apply for degrees, diplomas or certificate courses in the hospitality, aviation or tourism and travel sectors. Starting salary in the range of Rs 5,000- Rs 15,000 depending on career choice can be expected. Though, a pilot can start his career with a salary of approximately Rs 2.5-3 Lac a month with a commercial airline. And the growth in terms of pay packages is significant depending on your expertise and promptness.


Catching with the demand and supply of manpower in consumer service industry there are various degrees, diplomas, certificate and online courses available to provide knowledge base and relevant training to prepare you for the challenges in the industry. Universities and industry players are also coming up with several programs and courses which will prepare skilled workforce for this sector.

For the first time in India, a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality, Aviation & Tourism Management combined has been launched by UEI Global in collaboration with Osmania University. The three years degree is designed to provide understanding and practical nuances of the hospitality, tourism and aviation together both at the ground and managerial level.

So do not be just a simple graduate. Enhance your employability by taking up a program in consumer service industry . Do visit for more information on this lucrative career opportunity.

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