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Engineering in India

With increased globalisation and a need for engineers around the world, this career means you can work anywhere. Chase your dreams to become an engineer and study in one of the most prestigious institutes of the country. Learn the technical skills and earn beyond your expectations.


Aerospace Engineering: Top Schools

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The study of Aerospace Engineering encompasses the design, research and development of satellite systems, launch vehicles, missiles and other space systems, as well as aircrafts.

Advances in computer technologies have reduced complexities in the development process. Extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is one such example. Students of this stream of engineering are exposed to design, simulation and testing of aircraft systems, as well as in-depth study of fluid dynamics, materials science, propulsion and software development.

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Aerospace Engineering is a niche field and job prospects are plenty considering the demand and the supply ratio of qualified engineers. About 600 aerospace engineers qualify each year against a demand of about 5,000! People who choose Aerospace Engineering are those who have a great passion for the technology. A strong foundation in basic Physics and Mathematics is required to enter into this field of study. Students can also go on to specialise in this discipline at a higher level, opening up avenues in research and development.

Below are listed some of the world’s top engineering colleges which offer degree in Aerospace.

USA: Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University

The Fulton School of Engineering is one of the best schools offering value-based research in all fields of Engineering. In fact, US News ranks the college 23rd in the list of top public universities offering undergraduate engineering programs. Best of all, its Aerospace program was listed along with Bioengineering, Mechanical, Environmental, Materials and Industrial Engineering among the Top 40 programs offered across 170 colleges and universities in the USA.

The post graduate program in Aerospace Engineering is offered by the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department of the school, and is focused on the development and enhancement of research activities in aerospace sciences. The Department has a thriving research program guided by internationally-acclaimed faculty members. Needless to say, advanced state-of-the-art facilities make up the learning environment.

Students of the Master’s program in Aerospace Engineering can work towards an MS/ MSE/ Integrated BSE/ MS degree in Aerospace Engineering, while the advanced program will lead to a PhD degree. A Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science or equivalent from an internationally recognized university is the basic requirement along with a valid score in TOEFL/IELTS.

Information regarding student visas can be accessed online. The annual tuition fee is Rs 16 Lac. Financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants are facilitated for students with academic credentials, and for research scholars taking up teaching assignments for undergraduate students.

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UK: University of Glasgow


The University of Glasgow is one of the world’s Top 100 universities (and one of the oldest), nurturing an environment of excellent research and learning for thousands of students pursuing programs at various levels. It traces its roots back to 1451, and is the fourth oldest university in the UK.

The University is internationally known as a research powerhouse, acclaimed for its longstanding affinity with research-oriented students and studies. In fact, the University stands in the top 10 UK universities in research-based revenues. The Department of Aerospace Engineering attracts both international as well as home students. The department has a high profile in the British aerospace industry. Students get to participate in high profile and cutting-edge technologies like helicopter aeromechanics, aerodynamics, aircraft structures, air traffic management etc. Post graduate (two-year) and Doctoral (three-year) research degrees are available in areas like Experimental Low Speed Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flight Dynamics, Rotorcraft Simulation, Space Systems and others.

Course-work based study for a Master’s Degree is offered in areas like Space Mission Analysis and Design, and Aerospace Systems. The entry requirements for a Master’s degree are an Honours degree at the undergraduate level and a valid score in IELTS/TOEFL exam to establish the student’s proficiency in English. The annual tuition fee for engineering programs is about Rs 9 Lac. Scholarships are available for meritorious students, details of which can be accessed from the website.

The Department has built strong collaborative relationships for research with organisations like QinetiQ, GKN-Westland Helicopters, BAE Systems, European Space Agency and the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Corporate sponsorship options are offered at the PhD level.


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Singapore: Nanyang Technological University

The Aerospace Engineering department of NTU is a hotspot for aerospace education in Asia-Pacific region. The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers excellent research facilities and infrastructure and constantly upgrades them to cope up with international demands. The faculty comprises 150 teaching staff and 150 research staff. About 300 students are presently involved in varying degrees of strategic research. The department periodically organises academic conferences to enable students to gain knowledge in areas that they haven’t been exposed to, in the normal process of education. The Aerospace Engineering program is offered at the post graduate and doctoral levels. Students entering these programs require a Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university.


India: Madras Institute of Technology

Madras University of Technology is one of the pioneering institutes in India offering quality education in unique streams of Engineering right from its inception in 1949. The academic and industrial achievements of its alumni led to its amalgamation with the prestigious Anna University in 1978.

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering was also formed in 1949, aiming to propel indigenous research in the aerospace field. It is the oldest department in the country offering programs in the field. The infrastructure supporting the program is robust: well-equipped laboratories and research facilities support the core study areas of aerodynamics, structures and propulsion. The Department offers a post-graduate course comprising of four semesters over two years.

Admissions to the post-graduate course are made through a valid score in the GATE examination. A few students (non-GATE) are selected on the basis of TANCET, an entrance examination conducted by Anna University. A stipend is also provided for GATE students. The curriculum is tailored to current industry demands, and the employability factor is extremely high.

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Canada: University of Toronto


The University of Toronto is one of the leading universities in Canada focusing on research-based education. The graduate program in Aerospace Engineering is one where adequate attention is paid to both coursework and research-based education. The program covers subjects like aeronautical engineering (aircraft flight systems, propulsion, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics) and space system engineering (spacecraft dynamics and control, space robotics, and micro satellite technology). Studies at the post-graduate level include research-intensive programs leading to MASc and PhD degrees, and a professionally-oriented program leading to the MEng degree. Eligibility for the Master’s program is a four-year Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, and English language requirements like a valid score in TOEFL/IELTS. The Doctoral program requires a Master’s degree, though occasionally academically-brilliant students with a Bachelor’s degree are also admitted.

The annual fee for international students who wish to take up the Master’s program in Aerospace Engineering is Rs 11 Lac. Scholarships are available for deserving students who excel academically.


Aerospace Engineering Colleges in Canada


Aerospace Engineering – Global career opportunities


Space research organisations are on a perennial hunt for professionals in Aerospace Engineering and good universities guide their students in this direction. Career opportunities are plenty in the defence and civilian sectors, especially in the USA and Europe – Boeing and Airbus employ aerospace engineers. In the context of employment in India, ISRO is a good place to start, as well as other government organisations like DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) or NAL (National Aeronautical Laboratories).

Nasscom sees a huge potential in the context of outsourcing market in aerospace and defence technology, which is expected to touch US$ 1 billion in 2009.

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